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Your Ride

In Australia

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Lime loves Australia. Our electric scooters are already making it easier for Queenslanders to get around, and want the same for the rest of the country. We'd be there already if it wasn't for old laws that make e-scooters illegal to ride in most parts of Australia. But we're doing everything we can to advocate for change. More Aussies deserve access to a fun, safe, affordable, convenient and green alternative to driving a car. Would you like to help? Tell your friends, post on social media, contact your local politician. Every bit of support helps.

Respect The Ride in Australia

Yes! Lime urges scooter riders to always wear a helmet in the interests of your safety and the safety of others around you. There is a large body of research that demonstrates the effectiveness of helmets in reducing injury to transport users. Research studies have been conducted in countries where helmet use is voluntary, comparing crash experiences of users with non-users. The significant benefits of helmets have also been measured in countries that have changed from voluntary helmet use to compulsory use. It's no surprise then that Australia was the first country in the world to make helmet use compulsory in the early 1990s. So, in short, please ALWAYS wear your helmet!.

To show our commitment to safety, we’ve partnered with Reid, the largest Australian owned bicycle brand, to give you greater access to safe, stylish and affordable helmets no matter how often you ride. Click here and save up to 25% off RRP on stylish Reid helmets today when you enter promo code "LIMEHELMET" at the checkout.

Electric scooters can legally be ridden in areas of Brisbane and Adelaide. They can also be used on private property. However, there is a lack of clarity around where eScooters can legally be ridden in Sydney, Melbourne and many other parts of Australia. Lime is working collaboratively with governments, police, local councils and other stakeholders in an attempt to resolve this. If you would like to support our efforts to bring legal scooter travel to Australian streets, please get in touch with us!

Park the scooter in a bike rack or in another lawful spot on public property that does not block the right-of-way, limit access for individuals with disabilities, risk damaging private or public property, or jeopardize public safety.

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