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Respect The Ride

A Commitment To Responsible Riding And Parking

Responsible micromobility use starts with knowing the rules.

Take The Respect The Ride Pledge

Respect The Ride

Lime's safety and education campaign is focused on promoting responsible riding habits at every step, from putting on a helmet to parking properly.

Free Helmet Distribution

Lime will distribute 250,000 helmets worldwide as part of the Respect The Ride campaign.

Take The Pledge

Lime's Respect The Ride Pledge is a commitment to safe and responsible riding. Add your name to show your support.

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Lime's Respect The Ride Pledge

At Lime, safety and community are paramount. That's why we're asking riders to join us in pledging to adhere to safe and responsible riding behavior. Show your support by committing to our Respect The Ride pledge below.

I hereby pledge to Respect The Ride in support of safe streets, sidewalks and communities.

As part of this pledge, I agree to:

  • Ride responsibly at all times
  • Ride only where legally permitted
  • Avoid parking in the way of pedestrian walkways, service ramps and bus/transit stops
  • Park properly, preferably between trees or in existing scooter/bike parking areas
  • Wear a helmet while riding and reflective clothing/accessories at night
  • Abide by all traffic laws and speed limits
  • Be aware of automobiles, pedestrians and fellow riders

I make this commitment willingly in an effort to help promote smart, sustainable mobility and to ensure a safe environment for all riders and modes of transportation.

Take the pledge