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4 Community Moments That Helped Define Micromobility In 2019

Community | December 31, 2019 | Share 

2019 has been filled with memorable moments in the micromobility community. To help usher in the new decade, the team at Lime has put together some of our favorite community highlights that helped define the industry this year.




Just as micromobility gives riders the freedom to move, organizations around the world are working to give people the freedom to be true to themselves. In June, Lime partnered with one such group, the It Gets Better Project, to help empower members of the LGBTQ+ community to share their stories of love and acceptance.


Along with Lime employees, individuals from around the world posted selfies and hand written notes across social media to raise funds for It Gets Better and demonstrate that, whether it’s the communities in which we live or the ones in which we love, we’re all connected. 





The importance of Germany’s role in the global development of micromobility this year cannot be overstated. A big reason for that is the ardour with which electric scooters have been adopted by various communities throughout the country.  


Along with local Berlin restaurateur Jeniffer Mulinde Schmid, the local Lime team hosted a gathering in November to celebrate the rich tapestry of scooter riders who bring the German micromobility community to life. From hip hop artists and slam poets to grassroots environmentalists and entrepreneurs, the night was filled with music, laughter, testimonials and Jeniffer’s signature fondue -- a perfect embodiment of the eclectic soul of Berlin and the diversity of Germany’s electric scooter riders. 





The story of Lit Soul Candles is one of calling and community.  Founder Monica Rae created the hand-crafted meditation candle company in Los Angeles after dealing with a tragic personal loss in her own life. In a true blend of passion and purpose, proceeds from each sale are donated to provide food and opportunities for LA’s growing homeless population. 


In December, Lime hosted a neighborhood workshop with Lit Soul to shine a light on the company’s purpose-driven mission. The event let participants engage hands-on in the candle making process and encouraged them to draw meaningful connections between personal and community well being. 







Equal access to mobility is at the heart of the micromobility movement. In December, Lime paired up with Rooted in Rights, Disability Rights Oregon and the Portland Bureau of Transportation to produce a Scoot Smart video in recognition of International Day of Persons with Disabilities.


The industry-first campaign ran both locally in Portland and nationally across the US, teaching riders how proper scooter etiquette, including correct parking, is critical to ensuring that those with disabilities remain safe and mobile in their communities. 




To learn more about the community moments that are defining micromobility into the 2020s, subscribe to 2nd Street, or download the Lime app to take an electric scooter ride in cities around the world today.


And from the entire Lime team, Happy New Year!


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