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Lime And Sofar Sounds Present See You There With Intimate Concerts In Los Angeles

Community | January 30, 2020 | Share 


Since day one, Lime has been dedicated to bringing people together in the communities we serve with a goal to create a more livable, more connected urban setting. And there’s no better way to bring people together than for the love of music.   


That’s why Lime and Sofar Sounds are starting the year off with a backstage pass in Los Angeles and connecting people to local live music in intimate, community-oriented spaces. As part of the partnership, Lime and Sofar Sounds will host a series of secret concerts on February 12 and March 4. While the lineups will remain secret until the night of the show, both shows will feature three diverse live acts performing in an intimate setting, revealed upon guest arrival.


“At Lime, we aim to connect people into their cities,” said Alex Ring, Global Community Manager. “In a place like L.A. that is driven by passion and purpose and defined by difference, our goal is to celebrate diversity and give power to creativity.  There is a natural synergy between Lime and Sofar Sounds, inspired by a collective goal of bringing communities together.” 


Sofar is known for transforming everyday spaces into immersive experiences that bring guests and artists closer together, much the same as how Lime aims to reconnect people with their cities and Unlock Life, by taking people out of cars, where they're isolated from their environments.




“We’re all about bringing communities closer together, which is why Lime is the perfect partner for this series,” said Tomos Lovett, Global Commercial Director at SoFar Sounds. “They want to make cities and new places more accessible to everyone, so in the See You There concert series, we’ll be hosting these intimate concerts in some of our favorite under-the-radar venues with local artists we love.”


The partnership comes on the heels of Lime’s See You There campaign and launch of the Urban Optimist ambassador program in Los Angeles last year.


How It Works


Get Tickets

Enter for a chance for you and a friend to see a Sofar Sounds x Lime show in Los Angeles. You’ll have up to February 9th to enter for the first show and February 27 for the second show.  If selected, you’ll get an email the next day to let you know you’re invited to attend. All attendees will get $5 to get you to or from the show on a Lime.


Go To The Gig

You’ll get an email a day before the show with the address of the Sofar x Lime concert.  You won’t find out who’s playing until you get there. That’s part of the fun. Use Lime and Group Ride to get to and from the gig with friends. 


To learn more about Sofar Sounds and how micomobility is bringing communities together around the world, subscribe to 2nd Street, or download the Lime app to take an electric scooter ride in Los Angeles today. 

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