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Lime Expands Green Operations To Keep Fleet And Communities Healthy

Tech | July 9, 2018 | Share 

At Lime, we take our commitment to protecting the environment seriously.

That’s why we’ve spearheaded a Green Operations initiative to help minimize our carbon footprint and increase operational efficiency.

Launched in Berlin, the program utilizes e-cargo bikes to help our local specialists swap batteries on over 500 Lime-E electric assist bikes located throughout the city.


The cargo bikes’ comparatively small size and maneuverability allows us to quickly navigate narrow streets and bike lanes without causing a traffic disruption, and their pedal propulsion means we aren’t releasing any unnecessary pollutants into the atmosphere.

“We’ve already seen an impressive increase in operational efficiency,” said Alexander Götz, Lime’s GM of Germany. “Since implementing our Green Operations strategy, we’re able to average 50% more battery swaps per shift, keeping more bikes in service and on the street.”

Thanks to the success of our Berlin program, we’ve recently expanded our Green Operations into Los Angeles as well.


Here on the streets of Santa Monica, we’re retrofitting our electric assist bikes with a tow-behind trailer to help our operations team deploy and recover the city’s fleet of Lime-S electric scooters.

Accountability starts with smart mobility providers, and Lime is excited not only about growing our Green Operations initiative but about pioneering even more environmentally conscious ways of improving our services.

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