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Lime Hero Spotlight: Bikemore

Community | June 29, 2020 | Share 

In 2018, Lime became the first micromobility operator to offer an opt-in donation module allowing riders to round up the cost of each trip and donate the spare change to a community organization of their choice. Since then, nearly 40 local nonprofits have been added to the growing list of charitable recipients.

One of those nonprofit partners is Bikemore, in Baltimore, Maryland. Lime partners with Bikemore because of the important work they do to advocate for policies and infrastructure that create thriving neighborhoods in Baltimore. 

We spoke with Bikemore’s Executive Director Liz Cornish to learn more!


Tell us about Bikemore's mission. 

Bikemore works to increase and improve bicycle infrastructure, policies, and awareness to create a safer, healthier, more livable city. 
We use the bike as a tool to inform much broader policy discussions around transportation and land use. We believe in a connected city, one where everyone can access the opportunities they need to thrive.


What are some of Bikemore's current projects? 

Currently, in response to COVID-19 we have partnered with Civic Works and Real Food Farms to provide food to seniors by bike. Bikemore recruits volunteers and manages logistics to alleviate the transportation burden on Real Food Farms.


Baltimore is also in the midst of budget season when the City Council is reviewing the Mayor’s draft budget. With the nation focused on defunding the police, it’s important as advocates to understand how other agencies are dedicating resources to services within our purview. We are monitoring how the Mayor will respond to Council’s recommendations. 

We just wrapped up the Democratic Primaries. We are so excited that the majority of our endorsed candidates won their party’s nomination, including Brandon Scott who we endorsed for Mayor. The city-wide races were really close, so we feel proud to know our efforts helped secure victories for candidates that have pledged to support walking, biking, and transit.


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What are some of the biggest challenges for safer streets in Baltimore? 

In Baltimore the biggest challenge has always been political will. Campaign season really brought to bare how focused voters are on crime and schools. It makes it hard for elected leaders to gain traction with voters on other issues like transportation. That carries over once they are in office. Transportation must be seen as a solution to improving the safety and stability of all Baltimore’s neighborhoods. Convincing local leaders to see transportation in that light and organizing residents to hold them accountable is a huge task, but it’s our job and we will continue to fight.


The political, public health, and environmental challenges currently facing the world necessitate cities reexamining how we design our cities, and for whom. This presents us with an opportunity to look at ways to undo systemic racism in transportation planning. How are we designing streets to improve public health? And what have we learned about mobility during quarantine that might inform how we design streets in the future.


Bikemore’s job is to ensure that whatever comes next considers safety beyond the terms typically defined in the field of transportation. There are so many ways people of color haven’t felt safe using our streets. Any advocacy for making streets safer for people riding bikes and scooters must not forget that.


How can our Baltimore Lime riders get involved?

Bikemore relies on grassroots donations to operate. One of the most impactful ways to give is setting up a small recurring donation. Much of our work is funded by $5 and $10 monthly donations. If you’re riding with Lime, enroll in the Lime Hero program to make a small donation every time you ride. 


Second, follow us on social media and sign up for our emails to receive advocacy alerts. Rapid response to policy issues has secured major wins for safer streets for everyone. Staying informed is the best way to help us build a movement.


You can visit https://www.li.me/donate to learn more or sign up for Lime Hero in the Lime app. 

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