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Lime, Inspire Partner To Increase Juicer Access To Clean Energy

Community | September 26, 2019 | Share 

Lime’s 100% renewably charged scooter service took another step forward today thanks to the announcement of an exclusive partnership with Inspire, industry experts in cleanly-sourced energy. 


The collaboration takes aim at reducing carbon emissions associated with electricity production in Washington, DC and Montgomery County, offering a $160 clean energy credit to Lime’s Juicer Partners when they sign up with Inspire. 


“As communities like Washington, DC and Montgomery County make bold commitments to renewable energy, we’re eager to be a partner in advancing their goals for more livable, lower carbon communities,” said Andrew Savage, Lime’s Vice President and Head of Sustainability. “This exciting partnership extends our commitment to 100% renewables, offering clean energy for our Juicer community to use in their everyday lives, from doing laundry to charging a cell phone.” 


According to Inspire, the average home burns more than 8,000 lbs (3,628 kgs) of coal every year, greatly contributing to the 60% of global greenhouse gas emissions emitted by cities. The two companies will be co-hosting a kickoff event on October 2 at Audi Field in Washington, DC to help raise awareness for this significant ecological issue and offer Lime Juicers an affordable, clean-energy alternative.




“Lime has completely changed the way we move through our cities by creating an accessible, user-friendly network for transportation,” said Patrick Maloney, CEO of Inspire. “Today’s consumers are passionate and savvy about how their behaviors impact the environment — we’re proud to offer a service that makes it easy to choose sustainable energy to power their lives.”


Lime’s partnership with Inspire is the latest addition to its Lime Green initiative. The program began last October with the announcement of a 100% renewably powered fleet of micromobility vehicles. This was followed more recently by international partnerships providing renewably-sourced energy in countries like France and the addition of Carol Browner, former Director of the White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy, to Lime’s Global Public Policy and Safety Advisory Board


To learn more about sustainability efforts happening across the micromobility world, subscribe to 2nd Street, or download the Lime app to take a carbon-free electric scooter ride in Washington, DC today.


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