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Lime Launches Safety Portal, Encourages Local Innovation In Tel Aviv

Cities | December 16, 2019 | Share 

2019 has been marked by micromobility safety milestones, from the industry’s first education and safety summit to the establishment of Lime’s global First Ride academy and its hire of a new Head of Trust and Safety


Now the Lime team in Tel Aviv is adding to that list with two new initiatives: the launch of an online safety portal and an open call for safety innovation proposals from local Israeli startups. 




In an effort to provide Tel Aviv riders with quicker and easier access to all relevant safety information, Lime is launching a first-of-its-kind safety portal on its website. The page offers everything from safe riding tips and educational info to proper parking practices and details on where to purchase discounted scooter helmets. 


“Our new Safety Portal will bring a wealth of information right to riders' fingertips," said Nick Shapiro, Vice President and Global Head of Trust and Safety at Lime. "We know riders are often curious about how to ride safely and where to find a quality, affordable helmet, so we're glad to provide this information in an easily-accessible way.”


The launch of the safety portal follows the announcement of a reduced-price helmet partnership with US-based Bern in August, as well as similar partnerships with helmet manufacturers and distributors globally.




Lime has issued a request for proposals from Tel Aviv-area businesses to help promote innovative safety advancements through new, locally-sourced technology. Submissions will be judged by a panel of industry experts in the fields of safety and technology, with the best ideas to be funded by Lime through to implementation.




“We’re excited to hear from the many innovative businesses in Tel Aviv to help drive forward the latest technology in this area,” said Yaniv Goder, General Manager for Israel at Lime. “Lime works closely with the City of Tel Aviv to create the safest possible experience for riders and the larger community, and we believe this step will help significantly in these efforts.”


Locally-informed innovation is vitally important in a city like Tel Aviv, whose micromobility riders have been shown to span a wide demographic range.




To learn more about local safety initiatives happening in more than 130 cities around the world, subscribe to 2nd Street, or download the Lime app to take an e-scooter ride in Tel Aviv today.


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