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Lime President Sends Out Industry Call At Micromobility Berlin Conference

News | October 2, 2019 | Share 

“I truly believe that if we do these things as an industry -- If we get safety right, if we hold ourselves accountable to helping with the climate crisis, if we stand in true service to all communities -- then we’re on the cusp of changing cities, and we will be incredibly impactful.”


With those words, Lime President Joe Kraus wound down his keynote speech on Tuesday at the Micromobility Berlin conference. The event brought together several of the largest European and global electric scooter operators, including Lime who recently passed 100 million rides worldwide, to discuss the future of urban transportation throughout the continent. 


After explaining what drew him away from his “comfortable” role as a partner at Google Ventures, detailing the trajectory of the fastest-scaling transportation company in history, Kraus quickly pivoted to what is perhaps the most critical component of the micromobility equation: industry collaboration.


“No matter how much Lime has done, we cannot do this alone,” the company’s president said, referencing cooperation and teamwork between competing e-scooter operators. “If we’re going to have maximum impact, we need to work together in these areas.” 


The three domains that Kraus believes are of critical importance for the success of the micromobility industry are safety, sustainability and accessibility. For each, he put forward an ambitious call to industry peers, encouraging all operators to move in strategic unison on these fronts: 




We will work to deploy the highest-quality hardware and continuously educate our users on safe riding practices.




We will lead the global fight against climate change by constantly improving our own lifecycle and efficiency, and by helping cities achieve their own carbon reduction targets.




We will partner with cities to align on goals to serve cities equitably, knitting together a serious transportation option for all parts of the city.


According to Kraus, Lime has already made significant strides towards each of these through initiatives such as Lime Access and Lime Green and through innovative hardware advances like the award winning Gen 3 electric scooter. But more needs to be done. 


“The biggest threat to our business is inertia and the lack of imagination that the future can be any different than the past,” he said. 


Lime’s presentation at the Micromobility Berlin conference came just one day after the company held its second public policy and safety summit, this time in the German Capital. The event brought together community leaders, transportation experts, policymakers and advocates to discuss how micromobility can continue to help improve urban transportation across Europe and beyond.


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