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LimeBike Releases Groundbreaking Report on US Dockless Bike Sharing

News, Policy | December 19, 2017 | Share 


Have you ever wondered how many miles our LimeBikes have traveled, or how many people ride them, or how much money they're saving American commuters versus, say, the cost of a rideshare to work? Well we have. And as it turns out, the respective answers to those questions are pretty eye-opening:

  • Enough to cover 1.5 trips to the moon and back,
  • Hundreds of thousands, and
  • $1,800 per year

These are just a few of the figures we’ve unearthed during our research into LimeBike’s inaugural year in the US. They’re part of our official LimeBike Year End Data Report - the industry’s first detailed look at the numbers behind dockless bike sharing here in North America.

Thanks to our 3G, GPS-enabled smart bikes, LimeBike has unique access to a wealth of statistical cycling insight, helping us not only to better understand the needs of American bike riders but to inform city and university transportation decisions as well.

We’ve spent the past month pouring over the information our bikes have collected throughout 2017, from our first launch at UNC Greensboro in June to our more recent US programs in cities like Seattle, Dallas, Scottsdale and Los Angeles. Together with the business intelligence team at Chartio, we’ve analyzed the data and pulled the most relevant statistics to help provide a well-rounded picture of how our bikes are affecting the daily lives of Americans in more than 30 cities and universities across the US.

Click the link below to read the LimeBike Year End Data Report, and discover both the quantitative and qualitative benefits that dockless bike sharing is already having on communities throughout the United States! 

The LimeBike Year End Data Report


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