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Partner Spotlight: Denver Streets Partnership

Community | August 11, 2020 | Share 

Lime is proud to partner with Denver Streets Partnership on our Lime Hero and Lime Action programs. Through Lime Hero, Denver Lime riders can round up the cost of each e-scooter trip they take and donate to DSP and with Lime Action, riders can become directly involved in their advocacy campaigns.


We sat down (virtually!) with Denver Streets Partnership Executive Director Jill Locantore to learn more about the organization, their current campaigns, and how Denver Lime riders can join them. 


Hi Jill! Tell us about Denver Streets Partnership's mission. 


Founded in 2016 as a coalition of advocacy groups, the Denver Streets Partnership is now the first fully-staffed multimodal advocacy organization in Denver. Our coalition and steering committee members include community organizations like Colorado Public Interest Research Group (CoPIRG), Mile High Connects, the American Heart Association and the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition. 

We work to connect decision makers and Denver residents with diverse perspectives, timely information, and practical solutions to reduce our city’s dependence on cars and design communities that prioritize people.


You recently joined our Lime Action program. Is there an advocacy campaign Denver Lime riders can get involved in right now? 


Yes! We’re excited that Lime is mobilizing its riders in advocacy efforts to help support our vision and create safer and more livable streets for all Denverites.


The Twenty is Plenty campaign calls on city leaders to reduce the default speed limit for Denver’s neighborhood streets from 25 mph to 20 mph. Denver’s Vision Zero Action Plan identifies speed as a factor in 53% of fatalities that occurred in traffic crashes on Denver streets in 2015, and specifically calls for speed reduction as a tool to reduce traffic deaths and injuries.


People should be able to safely walk dogs, play with kids in their front yard, garden in the planting strip, walk to get groceries, or bike with their kids to school on neighborhood streets. Lime riders can help placing a Twenty is Plenty sign on their lawn (get a free sign here) and by volunteering to deliver signs in Denver neighborhoods. 


20 is plenty


How is Denver responding to issues of transportation equity in underserved communities?


Our organization not only advocates for bicycle infrastructure but also for increased funding to building more sidewalks and increasing access to public transportation. We believe in complete, multimodal transportation networks. The City must make a substantial investment in pedestrian, bicycle, and transit infrastructure, as well as retrofits of Denver’s most dangerous streets.


Our platform also includes coordinating housing and transportation policies and investments to maximize the number of people who can rely on affordable transportation options, and prevent the displacement of residents who stand to benefit the most from improved transportation options.


And we're thankful for the incredible service provided by Denver's bus drivers. Earlier this year, in partnership with the Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, we handed out gift cards, cookies and other prizes to drivers as they stopped during the evening rush to get passengers to their destinations.


DSP Bus Driver


How else can Denver Lime riders get involved?


If you’re riding with Lime, please enroll in the Lime Hero program in the Lime app to start rounding up the cost of your trips and donating to support our work! Please follow us on Twitter  and join our email list to stay updated on our programs and campaigns. Additionally, you can make a direct donation to Denver Streets Partnership.


You can visit https://www.li.me/donate to learn more or sign up for Lime Hero in the Lime app. 

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