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Reno Bikeshare: Residents ‘Spark’ the LimeLove in Northern Nevada

Cities | June 28, 2018 | Share 

40 days. 21,000 riders. 36,000 trips. Based on the numbers, Northern Nevadans are crazy about Lime.

This community has taken to Lime like no other, logging more miles in its first month than significantly larger cities.

“It’s great to see our community embrace Lime,” said Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve. “Over 20,000 Reno residents and visitors have already used the service. We will continue to educate people on bike safety etiquette so we can continue to provide low cost and green transportation safely.”

In the first month, the Biggest Little City, Sparks, Reno-Sparks Indian Colony, University of Nevada, Reno, and Washoe County saw more than 21,000 riders take over 36,000 trips for over 35,000 miles. That’s more than 1.4 laps around the world!



"We have been really happy with this 'green' guest in the City of Reno, (with) their bright color, healthy environmental impacts and the connectivity they bring to the downtown," said Britton Griffith, president of the Riverwalk Merchants Association, to the Northern Nevada Business Review.

"We are pleased to see both residents and tourists rent one to go from a restaurant to a bar; a resident to take a faster route to the movie theater and even employees of the downtown area to hop over to a meeting."

Over the next few weeks, come join Lime at events throughout the city, including food truck Fridays at Idlewild Park, to learn more about our bikes, safe riding, and the service in the Reno area.

Next up: we look forward to introducing our electric products to Reno to bring greater access to more people and enable longer, easier rides!




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