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Seattle Celebrates Milestone 1,000,000 Rides On Lime Dock-Free Bikes

Cities | July 2, 2018 | Share 

And just like that, less than 12 months since they first rolled into town, Seattleites have taken more than one million carbon-free rides on Lime smart pedal and e-assist bikes.

The Emerald City was the first major US market to embrace dock-free bike sharing technology in the summer of 2017. Now, it’s become the first city in North America to reach the industry’s two-comma milestone, thanks in large part to its record-breaking fleet of Lime-E electric assist bikes.

“This is a great accomplishment for the city of Seattle,” said Operations Manager Sam Morando. “Not only does it demonstrate the need for smart mobility vehicles here, but it validates the city’s robust efforts to integrate dock-free services like Lime into Seattle’s overall transportation network.”

But the rides alone aren’t the only reason to celebrate.



Saturdays in Seattle. 🚲 Photo: @catchphrase.art

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By pedaling the equivalent of 30 laps around the earth, residents and visitors to Seattle have also helped offset more than 650,000 lbs of CO2. That means cleaner air and less congestion in a city that spends, on average, around 55 hrs/year stuck in traffic.

The team at Lime couldn’t be more excited about all that we’ve achieved together here in Seattle, and we’re looking forward to many millions of more rides to come!


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Want to celebrate 1 million rides of your own? Send us an email to bring Lime, the leader in dock-free bikes and electric scooters, to your city, campus or place of business.

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