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Rates Before You Ride

Pricing made easy



Use the Lime app to find the closest Lime to you.

Check the Rate

Tap the vehicle icon or scan to ride to see the current rate of the vehicle

Lime charges a fixed rate to unlock a vehicle and then per minute to ride. The current valid price for your location and time will be displayed in the app before you start your rent. If you want to reserve a vehicle before the rent, you will be charged a per minute started fee from when you press the reservation button until you unlock the reserved vehicle or cancel your reservation. Charges are rounded up to the nearest minute and rates and promotions may vary by location and time but will be specified in our app. Prices in the EU are inclusive of all taxes.

Lime Access

At Lime, we believe in providing mobility for all. Lime Access is an easy and affordable way to use Lime in your city. To learn more about the program and if you qualify, visit our Lime Access page

Stay Connected

Download the Lime app to stay updated on new features and discover your city today.