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Chile Celebrates Mobility Milestones After 1st Year On Lime Scooters

Cities | November 21, 2019 | Share 

It’s officially been one year since Lime electric scooters launched in Santiago, and the effects that micromobility is having on the Chilean capital are being felt in ways both big and small. 


In August, the city announced that it had already passed its first million e-scooter rides -- an estimated 30% of which were made in lieu of car trips. The local team then used modeshift data specific to Santiago to dive into more detail about the impact that these rides have had on the local environment in year one. 


As it turns out, more than 85 metric tons of carbon emissions have been prevented thanks to Lime riders’ decision to scoot instead of drive, equivalent to the amount of carbon sequestered by 1,400 trees over a period of 10 years. 


“It’s an honor to be a part of our riders’ daily lives and to help make life in Santiago cleaner and better connected,” said Ana Daniela Portillo, General Manager of Lime Chile and Mexico. “While this anniversary comes at a complex time for the country, the challenges we face together have reinforced our commitment to our Santiago community and given greater meaning to our mission. We’re immensely proud of what our riders have accomplished here in our first year, and we’re looking forward to helping create a more accessible, more liveable city for many years to come.” 




The local team in Santiago is using the anniversary as an opportunity to recognize milestones on a more personal level as well. In a recent email to riders, Lime listed some of the most surprising stats to come out of the Chilean capital in its first year on electric scooters, including: 


  • 1,617 - the longest total distance (in kilometers) traveled by a single rider
  • 754 - the highest number of trips taken by a single rider
  • 18 - the number of cities in which the most traveled Santiaguino rider has ridden a Lime
  • 15 - the longest total distance (in kilometers) traveled in a single Lime ride 


The announcement comes shortly after another major capital city hit its first major micromobility benchmark. Earlier this month, London announced that riders had passed one million rides on Lime electric-assist bikes, making it one of the only markets after Seattle to hit this milestone without electric scooters


To learn more about unique, city-specific stats happening from across the world of micromobility, subscribe to 2nd Street, or download the Lime app to take an electric scooter ride in Santiago de Chile today.




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