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Each For Equal: Lime Celebrates International Women’s Day

Featured | March 7, 2020 | Share 


At Lime, we believe that unlocking life is about more than just transportation. It's about supporting a more diverse and inclusive world.  That’s why we’re excited about this year’s theme for International Women’s Day, #EachForEqual, a call to action for everyone to play a role in championing gender equality.


Lime continues to honor the many womxn at the company this month, who work each and every day to help make the world’s cities greener and push the boundaries of innovation so that future generations can thrive.


As Lime continues to revolutionize the way people move around, we are also celebrating the many female riders who choose a more sustainable and connected transportation option every day in cities around the world. 


To keep our communities and riders safe, we must also work in partnership with cities to revolutionize infrastructure with greater protection for micromobility transportation options. 


Research has found that protected bike and scooter lanes are essential for creating more gender diversity among micromobility users. Globally, women are 22.9% less likely to commute by cycling versus men, and Lime’s own research has found that:


  • - 29.3% of Lime’s riders who identify as a woman prefer protected bike lanes.

  • - Out of surveyed women who do not ride Lime, 20.4% do not ride because of  insufficient infrastructure.


It’s not just women who want micromobility infrastructure, though. 52.2% of Lime riders ranked a protected bike lane as their number one choice for riding, and the impacts of not having dedicated lanes for biking or scooting can be detrimental to increasing ridership on more sustainable mobility solutions. 


More can be done to support gender equality in micromobility. Sign the pledge to support safer streets in your city. 


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