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Lime Brings Electric Scooters to Rome

Cities, Community, News | June 2, 2020 | Share 


Lime has arrived in Rome with 1000 electric scooters. People in Rome will enjoy Lime's electric scooters to help them move around Italy’s capital city in an affordable, safe and sustainable way. 

A service tailored for the Italian capital 

Lime will offer Italian Lime users a better and safer driving experience with the latest Gen 3 e-scooter model which guarantees the best comfort, durability and safety on the market. Lime e-scooters will be available in the historic center, and in the Esquilino and San Giovanni districts. After the first two weeks, the operating area will be expanded to the districts of Parioli / Pinciano, Flaminio, Trieste, Nomentano / Università, San Lorenzo, Prati, Garbatella / Ostiense. Lime has been actively cooperating with the local Administration in order to ensure safety for all, both riders and non riders. Lime will use cargo bikes to position and collect e-scooters in the city and will collaborate with local partners such as Corro.


Virginia Raggi, Mayor of Rome: "Electric scooters represent a small revolution for our city as a sustainable mobility and technological innovation. By offering citizens and tourists greener and modern sharing services, Rome becomes a reference for investors. A way to restart and rethink our vision of a sustainable city.” 


Alessio Raccagna, Lime Head of Public Policy in Italy: “Rome is a great historic city and we’re really excited to launch Lime here as we know there’s a real appetite for sustainable micro mobility. Rome has already announced the construction of 150 km of cycle paths, these initiatives are essential to encourage the development of our service and to allow our users to move safely.” 


Benjamin Barnathan, Lime General Manager in Italy: “Lime scooters represent a convenient and smart way to rethink the city and we are happy to call Rome our new home. We know that over 50% of Lime’s riders worldwide already trust Lime for their commutes and personal daily trips  and we are proud to offer them more convenient options to move around.” 


Pietro Calabrese, councilor for the moving city of Roma Capitale: “We are witnessing important changes in the propensity of citizens to use light and eco-sustainable vehicles for their daily journeys. In this context, shared electric scooters represent one of the ideal means for 'last mile' mobility, an excellent solution for traveling short distances in addition to public transport for longer journeys ".


Enrico Stefàno, president of the Mobility Commission of Roma Capitale: “The key word to respond to renewed mobility needs is intermodality. Thanks to the sharing services, extended these days to scooters, citizens will have one more alternative to leave their private car at home and cover the first or last mile in a sustainable way.” 


The climate crisis - A challenge we can win

In the context of a health and climate crisis, Lime wants to provide a real mobility alternative. Now more than ever it is important to invest in micromobility solutions. Lime is working with the Municipality of Rome to bring a positive solution to problems such as air pollution and traffic. Lime's electric scooters offer a solution to these problems by providing a zero-emission means of transport, which reduces dependence on the use of private cars and allows people to connect to public transport hubs. Lime already operates in Turin, Verona and Rimini, where Lime electric scooters have traveled over 300,000 km. These shifts led to a saving of 140 kg of CO2. 

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