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Lime hits 1 million rides in Thessaloniki

Cities, News | June 10, 2020 | Share 

Lime is proud to announce that its riders in Thessaloniki, Greece have surpassed 1 million trips. The milestone underlines Lime’s success in ushering in a culture of shared micromobility and a new way to move around cities in a safe, sustainable and affordable manner. Transportation in Thessaloniki is being redefined with Lime e-scooters recording more than 1 million rides in less than 2 years. Lime launched in Thessaloniki in December 2018 and quickly became an essential part of city life. 


“We’re excited to provide an environmentally friendly and safe mode of transport in a city that we love so much. We are here to help residents rethink the way they move around the city.” says Petko Anchev, Operations Manager of Lime Greece. “Clocking over 1 million rides in such a short amount of time exemplifies Thessaloniki’s dedication to innovation.”


According to company data, 2 out of every 10 people in Thessaloniki have taken a ride with Lime since December 2018. With a total of 1 million rides, Lime riders in Greece’s second biggest city are directly responsible for saving 100+ tons of CO2 and avoiding the use of more than 43,000 liters of car fuel. By helping to lessen traffic and congestion and reducing pollutant emissions, Lime is supporting the transformation and freeing up of more space dedicated to people and not cars. 


Micromobility can reduce pollution and mitigate climate change by providing clean and efficient transportation around the globe. In parallel, Lime works with city officials and community leaders who have a vision of creating car-free infrastructures, like protected bike lanes, multi-use paths, and more accessible public transit. 


We have our Thessaloniki riders and community to thank for this amazing milestone. We appreciate the support of greener, safer transportation options, and look forward to the next million rides and more! 


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