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Lime Joins New Alliance To Accelerate Transition To Electric Vehicles

News | January 22, 2020 | Share 


Lime joins the Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance as a founding member alongside industry leaders including Amazon, AT&T, DHL, and IKEA North America. The Alliance has been formed to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles and improve policy, a key component of tackling the climate crisis. 


“The future of transportation is electric. From shared electric scooters to managing our programs with clean electric operations vehicles, we know that advancing electric transport is the path to a zero-carbon future,” said Andrew Savage, Vice President Sustainability. “We’re excited to join Ceres and other industry leaders in forging the rapid transition we need toward cleaner transportation necessary to effectively combat the climate crisis.”


Lime has made significant advancements and is continuously working to further reduce the environmental impact of products and operations while providing a service that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and local pollution. For example, Lime was the first micromobility company to commit to charging its shared fleet on 100% renewable energy and has offset the emissions associated with the operations vehicles Lime uses for managing its scooters. 


In Paris, Lime has committed to 100% operations fleet electrification on local French-based renewables working with Planète OUI, an electricity provider supplying France with 100% local and renewable energy. The partnership ensures that, throughout Europe’s second-largest country, all Lime-charged scooters and warehouses are powered by local wind, solar and small hydro projects.


The Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance will help Lime and member companies achieve bold commitments to fleet electrification and help to support members meet ambitious goals.


“The climate crisis demands we decarbonize transportation – the highest-emitting sector in the U.S. – and electric vehicles are an essential component of this transition,” said Ceres’ VP of Climate and Energy Sue Reid. “With companies controlling more than half the vehicles on the road in the U.S. today, they have a tremendous role to play in leading the transition to electric vehicles – both in terms of electrifying their own fleets and in leveraging their buying power to send a strong market signal to automakers and policymakers alike. The Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance is where the rubber hits the road.”


“The opportunity to leverage fleet vehicle electrification globally is something that over time will offer operational advantages, in addition to environmental benefits,” said Patrick Mondi, Lime’s Head of Logistics and Workplace.  “As such, we welcome increased industry collaboration and partnership to expand vehicle supply and reduce infrastructure costs. This, in turn, will drive more businesses into the important work of greening their own logistics and operations.”


The Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance helps address these challenges by providing a platform for Lime and other members to collaborate to identify challenges and potential solutions, and to leverage aggregate corporate demand and market influence to:


- Expand production of new and increased volumes of electric vehicle models,

- Grow the electric vehicle market and improve economies of scale,

- Encourage the adoption of supportive policies and the removal of policy barriers, and

- Foster peer-to-peer learning with regard to industry best practices.


Lime will join the Alliance serving on the Executive Committee.

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