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Lime Partners With UK Department For Transport ‘it’s everyone’s journey’ Campaign To Promote Inclusive Travel

News | March 4, 2020 | Share 


Lime has partnered with the UK Department for Transport's latest campaign to promote inclusive travel and improve public transport for people with disabilities, building upon our commitment to make our streets and sidewalks safe and accessible for all communities. ‘it’s everyone’s journey’ brings together over 100 partners and companies from across the transport sector to help generate awareness and create real and positive change. 


“We are delighted to be part of ‘it’s everyone’s journey’ so we can all help make transport more inclusive,” said Florence Milner, General Manager for Lime UK and Ireland. “At Lime, we are committing to generating awareness by reminding our e-bike riders to park properly and help keep the pavements an accessible space for all”.


As part of the campaign, Lime is committing to ongoing education and awareness on proper parking practices so that e-bikes are not obstructing pavements and walkways. This is part of Lime’s ongoing efforts in the UK which include numerous no-parking zones and geofencing the perimeter of Moorfields Eye Hospital to prevent usage near this important facility.  


People with disabilities travel up to a third less than others, impacting access to employment, healthcare, education, and social activities. “If everyone using Lime takes small steps to be mindful of their fellow city dwellers, we can all make moving around our city more inclusive,” Florence continued.


Lime has around 2,000 e-bikes in the UK and has achieved over 1 million rides since arriving in the country a little over a year ago. 


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