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Lime’s Gen 3 Scooter Arrives In Vienna

Cities, Tech | March 3, 2020 | Share 


Lime is renewing its fleet in Vienna with its newest e-scooter model Lime-S Gen 3.  The entire fleet, which has been approved on Austrian roads, will be replaced step by step over the next few weeks.  


With the upgraded 10” diameter wheels for improved stability combined with the mountain bike-inspired front suspension system and multimodal braking, the Lime-S Gen 3 offers the safest, most comfortable shared scooter ride available anywhere.  In addition to improved rider experience, Lime has worked hard to lead the industry in designing vehicles with a reduced environmental impact. The Gen 3’s lifespan is now at over 18 months.


"We are very pleased that our users in Vienna will be able to start the upcoming scooter season safely and comfortably with the new e-scooter model," says Estuardo Escobar, General Manager for Austria at Lime. "Our Gen 3 scooters are based on the success and feedback from previous models with a renewed focus on safety, durability and user experience."


Lime will offer Austrian Lime users a better and safer driving experience with Gen 3.  Lime is relentless in pushing the boundaries of innovation and continues to iterate models and improve features based on rider feedback.  The current Gen 3 is built upon numerous renovations that improve the overall experience for riders, from wheel design to GPS enhancements:

  • - Thanks to the improved battery efficiency, the range of the e-scooters is around 50 kilometers.

  • - The e-scooters have been specially designed for frequent use and are even more solid and durable thanks to an aluminum frame.

  • - To improve the driving experience and safety, the new devices have larger wheels and a new double suspension.

  • - The electric scooters now have a color display that allows drivers to see the speed and battery level. No-Parking-Zones are also shown to users directly on the display.

  • - Thanks to improved GPS capability, the e-scooters are easier to locate.



To learn more about e-scooter launches throughout Europe and the rest of the world, subscribe to 2nd Street, or download the Lime app to take an e-scooter ride in Vienna today.

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