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It's National Voter Registration Day: Are You #VoteReady?

Cities, Community, News | September 22, 2020 | Share 

September 22 is National Voter Registration Day and Lime has teamed up with When We All Vote to make registering easy.

There's too much on the line to sit this election out. If you care about the future of our cities, about climate change, equality, and public health, it’s critical that you vote and there's no better day to register than on National Voter Registration Day!


We're proud to be a National Voter Registration Day partner and to have partnered with When We All Vote, a nonpartisan nonprofit organization working to increase participation in every election, to make getting registered easy. Remember, this is not only a presidential election. From members of Congress down to your city council, your vote can make our communities safer, healthier and more equitable for generations to come.

Register to Vote


Already registered? 

The impact of COVID-19, attacks on voting rights and long lines at the polls could stop voters from participating in this election. Here are some actions you can take to help ensure every voice is heard: 

  • Become a Poll Worker: Poll workers are essential to making our elections safe, fair, and accessible but America is facing a poll worker shortage this year. We've partnered with Power the Polls to spread the word and you can help by serving as a poll worker in your city!
  • Plan to Vote Early: October 24 is the first ever Vote Early Day. Over 200 million Americans have options to vote before Election Day and by pledging to vote early, in-person or by mail, you can help cut down on lines and crowded polling places on November, 3. 
  • Be #VoteReady: Don't be surprised when you go to cast your vote! Check out HeadCount's state-by-state voter information guide to learn about your state's rules for voting by mail, voter registration deadlines, identification requirements, polling place locations and more. 


This is an historic presidential election and every eligible American voter should exercise their right to be heard at the ballot box. For more resources on being prepared for Election Day, check out our Roll Call project

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