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Strong Polish Leadership In EMEA Drives Poland To Log Over 5 Million Lime Rides

Cities, Spotlight | February 20, 2020 | Share 


In late 2018, Lime launched e-scooters in Poland and quickly became ingrained in the local transit system by enabling convenient and fast transportation. In just over a year, Lime riders in Warsaw, Wrocław, and Poznań have made over 5 million trips. 


“Micromobility and its solutions are becoming increasingly popular on the streets of Polish cities,” said Paulina Ackermann, Lime’s General Manager of Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. “With 5 million rides in Poland and over 100 million rides globally, the data confirms that people are more and more willing to use car-alternative means of transport and because of their shift away from motor vehicles, Polish riders have saved an estimated 240 metric tons of carbon from being released into the atmosphere.”




Some of Lime’s key business leaders in Europe are Polish -- Marek Łusiak, Lime’s Regional General Manager of EMEA, who oversees operations in 11 countries across Europe, Jakub Olek, Lime’s Regional Government Relations Director of EMEA, and Paulina Ackermann, Lime’s General Manager of Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Over the past few months Paulina has supervised the rapid development of Lime in Poland and the strengthening of the company as a leader in the field of micromobility in the region.


“With nearly 55% of the world's population living in cities today, it seems obvious that there’s an increasing importance to introduce alternative solutions to get around cities,” said Paulina. “Poland is in sixth place in Europe for the number of passenger cars per 1000 inhabitants, and by working closely with cities, Lime can help municipalities design urban spaces that better accommodate micromobility based on the needs of residents.”


Lime's operational successes have had impressive results, with over 100 million rides worldwide, thanks to having industry and business experts, like Marek, Jakub, and Paulina working locally in Europe and around the world. The diverse profiles and competencies in an array of fields are vital to the efficiency of Lime's operations and building the right shared mobility program for each community. 


“Lime is now operating in more than 20 countries and 50 cities across Europe,” said Marek. “Lime is part of Europe’s city life, and Poland has emerged as an important geographic location with great potential for Lime due to its culture and the citizens’ lifestyle. Our investment in Poland is important in supporting our continued growth and expansion in Eastern Europe, helping to change the way our cities move.” 




Strong Polish Leadership In EMEA Drives Poland To Log Over 5 Million Lime Rides 01


Old Town in Warsaw, Stary Browar in Poznań and Plac Solny in Wrocław are among the most popular destinations for starting or ending a Lime trip in Poland. Over 1 in 3 Lime riders in Poland use e-scooters for convenience, and both residents and visitors of Poland are eager to use Lime to reach city centers and historical landmarks that are often hard to reach due to car traffic limitations or parking challenges. 


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